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Color Picture Editor: Change the Color of a Photo

The tones and colors that we perceive in photos present us with different moods and ideas. Make dull and muted colors vibrant and lively. Luminar Neo, a dedicated image color editor, can make your photos shine.

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What affects photo colors?

Color cast
Color cast can ruin an image by creating an unwanted color shift. This can be caused by light reflected from a nearby object. But it can be fixed using the right filter in a picture color editor.

Haze removes most of the contrast from a photo, giving it a flat, washed-out look. Haze often occurs when shooting through glass, and it can also be fixed with a picture color changer.

Desaturated colors
Desaturated colors appear due to camera limitations and cause a photo to come out cool, warm, washed out, desaturated, or dull. You can easily recover colors using a powerful color changer photo editor like Luminar Neo.
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Change the color of an image to make your products eye-catching

Make your product images stand out with Luminar Neo. Transform the look of your product image, so that it grabs customers' attention and helps them identify what you're offering in a quick glance.

Add a splash of color to your black-and-white pictures

Make your black-and-white photos stand out by introducing color into them. Creating eye-catching designs will ensure that viewers take notice of your content.

Whether you choose to recolor the entire image or just portions of it, adding some vibrancy can give life back to these monochromatic shots. Capture the attention of digital audiences with vibrant colors thanks to photo color changer Luminar Neo.
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Speed up your workflow with Luminar Neo


Removes haze and fog, making colors clear, vivid, and eye-catching. The Dehaze tool is suitable for photos taken through glass.

Saturation and Vibrance

Saturation makes all colors in your image vivid, while vibrance intensifies just the muted colors without affecting those that are already intense.

Remove Color Cast

Corrects unwanted color casts by detecting and adjusting the hue. The Remove Color Cast slider works for photos with a greenish color cast as the result of fluorescent light.


Achieve artistic looks by remapping colors. Look-up tables (LUTs) can be used for creating Hollywood-style images. This creative option is rare for an average color editor.

HSL filter

Boosts or pulls back certain colors. The HSL filter is perfect for adding a creative color splash and making an image that stands out.

6 features of Luminar Neo's
automatic retouching

Luminar is designed to be convenient for people with different proficiency levels. The software’s intuitive AI-powered controls automate complicated multistep tasks.
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Relight AI
Relight  for bringing back natural
light in your photos
© BalanceFormCreative
Erase for removing unwanted objects in one click
© Ksusha Kazak
Skin AI
Skin for flawless skin without imperfections
© Sherwin Magsino
Composition AI
Composition for perfect crops and perspective
© Jabi Sanz
Accent AI
Accent  for a one-slider fix of light, contrast, and colors
© Jabi Sanz
Sky AI
Sky for the effortless sky replacement

An application & plugin
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit the color of an image?

To edit the color of an image, you can use various image editing software like Luminar Neo. There are lots of tools to explore that can help you change the color of an image, depending on your needs.

How do I enhance the color in a photo?

There are plenty of ways to change a color of a picture to a more vibrant one with Luminar Neo. Use the Enhance AI tools that enhance your photo in a few clicks. Or you can do more precise adjustments with the Vibrance, Saturation, Dehaze, and other tools.

How can I do color corrections?

Easily edit pictures with color in Luminar Neo thanks to its intuitive tools. Try the tools mentioned above to do subtle color corrections until you’re satisfied with the results.

 How can I color correct for free?

Although there is some free software that supports the function of a color changer for pictures, if you want to achieve a high-quality effect, it’s good to consider a paid option. Nonetheless, Luminar Neo has a trial period that allows you to use its tools for free.

What is the color changer effect?

The color changer effect refers to a visual effect or technique used to modify the colors in an image or video. It allows you to change the existing colors to different hues, tones, or saturation levels, often creating a dramatic or stylized look. The color changer effect can be achieved through various methods, such as using image editing software, video editing software, or even dedicated color grading tools.
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